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As we all know, music is the universal language to the world, and there is no exception when it comes to Jazz bass-man Ethan Farmer. His resume’ reads like an eclectic discography of music, ranging from Janet Jackson and Hootie & the Blowfish to Lupe Fiasco.

Currently touring overseas with New Kids on the Block  and Backstreet Boys (NKOTBSB), Farmer is working diligently on various projects to not only continue creating a name for himself, but to educate people on the beauty and craft of music – and the genre of Jazz.

Farmer, or “EBASSMAN,” is a 36-year-old native of (Southside) Chicago, Illinois, and an accomplished bass player, who also dabbles in other instruments such as the drums, guitar, and keyboard. With musical influences ranging from John Coltrane to Jay-Z, Farmer considers himself to be a “true musician,” and has recently re-released his album entitled Wine and Strings 2.0, which features seven new songs, and is a sequel to the original Wine and Strings EP.

When asked about the inspiration behind the title of his album(s) Wine and Strings, Farmer affirms that he is a “simple dude.” He professes, “…I was drinking wine and recording the album. It was a part of the creation.” With his epic fusion of Jazz Rock, Funk, and Soul, this album is sure to feed the listener’s musical appetite – it’s clear that Farmer’s love for music all stems from his love of Jazz.

“…All of it is a big recycle, and it’s happening in music. Funk, Soul, Rock ‘N Roll; it all comes from Jazz,” says Farmer. He keeps an array of various other musicians and genres in rotation. “I can take something from everybody because I am true musician, so I don’t keep myself in a box. But, I’ve honestly been listening to my own stuff. I’m always looking for ways to expand myself and stay creative. I go through phases (musically) so right now, it’s a lot of Gospel Quartet, and Classical music. That may all change next week,” he says jokingly.

As of all music, creating it is an ever-changing art that keeps both musicians and listeners perfecting their craft. Farmer believes, “a lot of the ‘new’ generation don’t know about John Coltrane, or Miles Davis, but they can still hear it and feel it because music is worldwide, and it’s for everybody. Nothing is new; it’s who you’re exposed to.”

One artist Farmer hopes to work with in the near future is “Q-Tip” of the Rap group, A Tribe Called Quest, for the simple fact that, “…he [Q-Tip] has reached back to the Jazz world, and we could freestyle (musically) and bring something totally LIVE!”

Traveling the world, creativity, and life itself, are just a few of Farmer’s personal inspirations that assist in him being a well-rounded and grounded individual and musician: “It all takes me out of the norm of what I’m used to. It puts me in a different mind frame and I have become more creative.”

Ethan Farmer is a “single and ready to mingle” young bachelor who may just have the “fix” to quench our musical thirst. One thing is for sure; he is definitely someone we should all keep a close eye and ear on.

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